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Please Review our CONTACT list of NUMBERS

Wayne County 24-Hr. Environmental  Hotline 1-888-223-2363: Illegal dumping, Runoff from construction sites, water pollution and other water quality related complaints the water
Wayne County Roads Division: (888) 762-3273 - Ditches (water flow and blockage), potholes, shoulder repairs,icy roads etc. 
Wayne County Forestry: (734) 522-7370 - Trees and foliage that cause visibility issues, dead and diseased trees
Wayne County Signs: (734) 955-2135 - Missing street signs, damaged signs 
Wayne County Sheriff and Marine Patrol:  (313)-224-2222 
Wayne County Weighmaster: 
(734) 955-2361 - Commercial trucks and equipment – weight, traffic impact, noise, dirt and gravel in roads.

Wayne County Health Department: (734) 727-7000 - Septic systems
Wayne County Permits: (734) 595-6515 x 2038 - Work within the road right of ways requires permits (driveways, sprinkler systems, etc.)
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality :  (MDEQ)   8 am - 4:30 pm 1-800-662-9278  
MDEQ Emergency (24Hr.)  1-800-292-4706 - All shoreline projects (rip rap, docks, boat hoists/lifts, pilings, etc.) 
Homeland Security and Border Patrol: 1-800-537-3220 
U.S. Coast Guard:  (Detroit) 1-313-568-9560 
DTE  /  Michcon:    1-800-477-4747  Electrical problems including downed wires, trees, gas leaks, etc. 
AT&T:   1-800-ATT-2020
Comcast:    1-800-266-2278
Waste Management: (866) 797-9018

Wow (Wide Open West):   1-866-496-9669