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FootGolf at Water's Edge

FootGolf is a very ‘addictive’ sport that combines the best of the popular sport of soccer with an elite sport like golf.  FootGolf originated in the Netherlands and has spread to over 16 countries throughout the world.  Similar to golf, the players’ intent is to kick a ball into the hole with the least amount of strokes possible.  FootGolf uses the basic model of golf, with a tee box, a green, bunkers, hazards and 9 holes of play. There is par for each hole, mimicking golf’s scorecard, and you still play as a twosome, threesome or foursome.  The main differences are the cups, which are 21 inches in diameter, shorter holes (most people cannot kick a soccer ball further than 50 yards) and the lack of equipment needed (no need to carry around heavy golf clubs in FootGolf!).  Water's Edge is the first FootGolf course in Wayne County and has aligned itself with the American FootGolf League (AFGL) which is the governing body for the sport of FootGolf in the United States.

Click here for a brief video of the rules

Under the Radar Video of "What is FootGolf"

FootGolf Basic Rules

  • Wear appropriate clothing - golf cap, collared shirt and argyle socks are preferred.
  • Indoor soccer shoe's recommended or tennis shoes. ABSOLUTELY NO CLEATS!
  • Your ball must be easy to identify.
  • Review the score card and wait for your turn. Make sure your kick will not interfere with other players.
  • Kick off your ball from a position up to two meters behind the tee markets.
  • The ball must be played in a single movement. You are not allowed to push the ball with the top or bottom of your foot. Your foot should be set separate from the ball, clearly behind, before each kick.
  • Wait to play until the ball has completely come to rest. (It is not legal to stop the ball from rolling with the wind).
  • Play the ball from where it lies: You are not allowed to move the ball or remove jammed objects. Exception: You may mark the spot and lift the ball when it may obstruct the other player’s kick or ball in any way.
  • The player farthest from the hole is the first to kick the ball.
  • The order of play is established based on the score of the previous hole. The player with the best score will kick off first on the next hole followed by the second, etc.
  • If the ball lands in a water hazard, retrieve or replace it within 2 steps from the closest land point from where the ball entered the hazard, receiving a one stroke penalty or you can place the ball at the position of the previous kick and receive one stroke penalty.
  • Do not walk on Greens with Soccer shoes.
  • Do not kick over a green.
  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.  A non-playing adult supervisor will not be charged a FootGolf fee, but if they choose, can rent a golf cart for $5.00
  • Please maintain position with the group in front of you.  Groups falling behind and holding up play will be moved to recapture position.