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Tony C. Gray
Ordinance Enforcement Officer
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Code Enforcement


Township Ordinances prohibit the storage of boats, trailers and recreational vehicles in the front yard. The applicable Ordinances #285-3.3B (4B) and #285-3.3B (4A-1), require that they be located in  the side or rear yards.  Please note:Waterfront  properties do not have a rear yard. They have a street front yard and a water front yard. Also, corner lots have 2 front yards. For more information we encourage residents to review the Municipal Code sections in question.

New Township Code Enforcement Program

For the past 6 months the Township has been reviewing various Municipal Code sections in an effort to improve them as they relate to conditions found on many properties around the Island.  We determined that lack of enforcement was a large cause for the various code sections not being met. The following guidelines and procedures are being implemented and will be reviewed further in the upcoming months. 

If you believe there is a code violation in your neighborhood, we encourage you to review the Municipal Code section in question online at www.grosseile.com.  We also encourage you talk to your neighbor about the problem before contacting the Township offices. Please keep in mind that what may look like a violation to you, may not actually be a violation.

When the Township receives a complaint or if a situation is observed by the Code Enforcement Officer, an onsite inspection of the property and conditions will be conducted.  If it is determined that there is a code violation, a notice will be posted, with a copy of the notice sent by mail. 

When the Enforcement Officer goes to the property location with the Correction Notice it will list the violations, appropriate corrective measures, the remediation time frame and the potential Civil Infraction fines. If the homeowner is at home, he will discuss these issues in person.  If not, a notice will be posted, with a copy sent my mail.

At the end of the remediation time frame, if corrections are completed, the file will be closed.  However, if the violation still exists a Civil Infraction Notice of Violation (ticket) with the fines listed, may be issued. 

Fines have been substantially increased up to the maximum fine of $500 for each violation.  If the property owner has several violations, fines could exceed a thousand dollars.

After receiving the ticket, you will have a specific time frame to abate.  At the end of that time frame, the Township will explore the option of removing or correcting the violation at the property owner’s expense.  An example would be the removal of a boat from site and put into storage. Corrective measures will be at the owner’s expense and will be in addition to the fines.  A lien may be placed on the property for the costs.

For more information about the enhanced Code Enforcement program, contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 734-676-4422 ext. 240, Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.