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All federal, state, local and special elections in Grosse Ile Township are administered by the Township Clerk's Office.  Special care is taken to ensure that elections are managed properly and residents receive the assistance needed with voter registration, absentee ballots, and more. The Township Clerk also manages and makes available past election results.

Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center to verify your registration status, locate your polling location, or to view a sample ballot.


What can we help you with?


I am a college student, do I have to come home to vote?
Michigan law states that any first time voter who registered by mail must vote in person the first time.  If you registered in person you can request an absentee ballot if you will be away at college on the election date.

Where can I register in person?
You can register in person at your county or township clerk’s office.  You can also register to vote at any Secretary of State branch office.

Where do I mail my voter registration application?
You can mail the application to the Grosse Ile Township Clerk, 9601 Groh Road, Grosse Ile, MI 48138

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