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The Following hangar rates are effective April 1, 2006

Hangar 1 Monthly rates:
Single Engine $152
Twin Engine (small) see note
Twin Engine (large) see note

Note: Twin engine aircraft rent in hangar one is based on the size of the footprint occupied by the aircraft (wingspan multiplied by length).

The rate for twin engine aircraft is .17 cents per square foot, per month which is multiplied by the footprint
of the aircraft.

Community Hangar Request Application
Notice To Vacate Hangar
T-Hangar Request Application
T-Hangar Change Request
Notice to Vacate Hangar
Hangar Safety Requirements
Auto Debit Form

Hangar Openings

New hangar openings will be posted the 1st and 15th of every month, as stated in the ONZ "Tetrahedron." After an opening is posted, if you are interested in the hangar, please contact the airport office via phone or email within 5 days of the posting. The hangar will go to the person highest on the wait list who expresses interest.