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Site Use Policy Content
The information in our website was a culmination of all departments and employee's input based on day-to-day operations. Our vision for the Township website was to create a 24-hour Township Hall. Since our website's introduction, the Township reviews and provides new content and direction for website updates on a daily basis to ensure timely information. Questions, comments, or feedback on our website can be directed to our Township Webmaster.

Copyright Policy
Unless a copyright is indicated, information on the Grosse Ile Township website is in the public domain and may be reproduced, published or otherwise used with the Grosse Ile Township's permission.  We request only that the Grosse Ile Township be cited as the source of the information and that any photographer, author, or Grosse Ile Township, as appropriate, 

Website Linking Policy
The purpose of the Grosse Ile Township website is to provide information about the Township's government, services, and attractions. The Township's website may provide links to websites outside the Township's website which also serve that purpose. The Township is not responsible for, and does not endorse, the information on any linked website unless the Township's website states otherwise. The 

following criteria will be used to decide whether to grant requests for Township's website links. If a particular request does not clearly fit any of the following criteria, the Township Manager will decide whether to approve the request. The Township Manager may approve the requested website link if it serves the general purpose of the Township's website.

 The Grosse Ile Township website will provide links to websites for:
Governmental and public educational institutions.  
Organizations with some relationship to the Township (including, but not limited to: organizations contracting with the Township, organizations sponsoring Township activities or programs, and organizations participating in Township activities or programs) 
Generally recognized community organizations 
Organizations providing information about art, cultural, and sporting activities in the Township's area 
Organizations providing information about employment opportunities in the Township 
Organizations providing information about tourist attractions to the Township 

The Township will not provide links from the website for:
Candidates for local, state, or federal offices 
Political organizations or other organizations advocating a position on local, state, or federal issues 
Corporate or other for-profit organizations unless they fit any of the criteria stated above
Individual or personal home pages 

Tax and Assessing Data Look Up
The Grosse Ile Township does not guarantee that information on the Tax and Assessing Data Lookup is accurate, timely or complete, although the Township strives to meet those criteria. Any errors or omissions will not negate the taxes or special assessments that are due and payable. The official records are at Grosse Ile Township Hall for current year tax collections and delinquent Personal Property Taxes.  Payments made for delinquent taxes are not reflected on this website.  To determine if a real property tax payment has been made after the current collection period, contact the Wayne County Treasurer.

By accessing this information you agree that all use of these services is at your own risk, and that The Township will not be held liable for losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Any information may be changed or updated without notice.
Grosse Ile Township has links to other websites outside of Township's government through the Grosse Ile Township Internet Portal. The links that appear on this web page are solely for the information of a reader of the page. When you link to another site, you are no longer on the Township's website and this notice will not apply.

The Township strives to present current and accurate information on its website but does not guarantee either the accuracy or currency of information posted on its website. In the event of a difference between the information on the website and official information available at Township offices, the official information shall prevail.
This policy is subject to change and or revision upon the action of the Grosse Ile Township Board of Trustees