Alert Emergency Alert

Reminder: Southbound  I - 75 shutdown from Springwells Ave. to Northline Rd. 

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Dump the Junk, Find a Treasure Event

We will have dumpsters available for you to dispose of items that cannot be picked up through the normal curbside program.  For example: large furniture, large logs and shrubs.  We will also accept used tires.  There will be one dumpster dedicated for metal items. We will also dedicate an area for items that can be reused.  So, if you have a gently used piece of furniture, bike or other item, bring it along, someone else might be able to find a good use for it! 

No hazardous waste materials will be accepted!  NO: Chemicals or oils; Concrete, Building Materials, Light Bulbs; Liquid Paints, Batteries, Gas Cylinders, Engine or Car Parts; Propane Gas Tanks or any item containing Freon Gas.  

Items not accepted for recycling: Capacitors, Freon Containing Items, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Gas Cylinders, Light Bulbs, Liquids, Items containing Liquids, Household Batteries: AA, AAA, D, C, Lithium Batteries, Medical Equipment, VHS Cassette Tapes, White Goods: Refrigerators, Dish Washers, Stoves, Washers / Dryers 

This service is limited to island residents only and excludes any commercial contractors.