Township Staff



Dale L. Reaume


Joseph Porcarelli - Police Chief
Lorinda Beneteau- DPS Administrative Manager
Sharon Gray- Deputy Clerk/ Clerk's Office Manager
Ted Fournier- Cable/ Communications Administrator
Duncan Murdock- Fire Chief
Kim O'Farrell - Recreation Department Director
Ann Darzniek- Finance Director
Michael Duker- Airfield/ Commerce Park Manager


Marjorie Gape - Admin. Assistant/Township Board Secretary/Assistant to the Assessor
Annette Pelts-Recreation Dept
Jerry Dionne-DPS Maintenance
Charles Earl- Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector
Bryan Friel- Elections and Records Assistant
Dona Depa- DPS Billing Clerk
Tony Gray- Ordinance Enforcement Officer
Gary Jones-Airport Maintenance
Caryn Johnson- Payroll/Payables/Billing
John Keim- DPS Maintenance
Andrea Marshall -  Treasurer's Cashier
Timothy O'Donnell- Assessor
David Rutkowski- Electrical Inspector
Tim Thompson-Building Inspector
Mark Tissot- Water's Edge Maintenance
Lorrie Zalewski-Permit Coordinator
Annette Wurtsmith-Deputy Treasurer/Finance Assistant