Township Manager

Dale L. Reaume Township Manager
(734) 676-4422 ext. 236  

Department Managers
          Airfield/ Commerce Park Manager - Michael Duker
          Communications Administrator - Ted Fournier
          Deputy Clerk/ Clerk's Office Manager - Sharon Gray
          DPS Administrative Manager - Lorinda Beneteau
          Finance Director - Ann Darzniek
          Fire Chief - Duncan Murdock
          Police Chief - Joseph Porcarelli
          Recreation Department Director - Kim O'Farrell

Dale L. Reaume, MPA
Township Manager
9601 Groh
Grosse Ile, Michigan  48138
734-676-4422 ext. 236
734-692-9693 (fax)

The Township Manager is the chief administrative officer for the Township and is responsible for the management of all Township departments. The Township Manager is responsible for implementing the Township Board adopted policies and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Township.  Among other duties, the Township Manager responsibilities include advising the Township Board, personnel administration, negotiates contracts,   manages projects, responds to complaints, and attends meetings of the Township Board and various Commissions and Committees.

Administration and Assessing Office
Office Hours 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday

Marjorie A. Gape - Administrative Assistant
(734) 676-4422 ext. 210

Marjorie A. Gape
Administrative Assistant-Township Board Secretary-Assistant to the Assessor
9601 Groh
Grosse Ile, Michigan 48138
734-676-4422 ext 210
734-692-9693 (fax)

The Administrative Office assists the Township Manager, Township Supervisor, Board of Trustees, Department Managers, Township Employees, public visitors and residents of Grosse Ile Township on a daily basis.  Please do not hesitate to contact Township Administration with any issue or concern.

The Office of the Township Assessor is located within the Administration Office.