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News & Announcements

Flushing Fire Hydrants North of Horsemill

Flushing Fire Hydrants Today - We are flushing north of Horsemill Road. You may experience periods of low pressure.  The water may be discolored. It's not harmful.  Just run your cold water until it clears.  Residents may want to refrain from washing white clothes between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  The program is necessary to ensure the delivery of high quality water to residents and to check the proper fire hydrant operation.  The Grosse Ile DPS apologizes for any inconvenience to its residents.


.The Grosse Ile County Bridge on Grosse Ile Parkway remains closed until further notice.  The approximate date of opening is Monday, April 30 but may be sooner.  Please keep checking Grosseile.com and Grosse Ile Connect for Updates.  Also, West River Road under the Grosse Ile Parkway overpass  will be closed until further notice.  Parke Lane road is open to traffic if you are heading towards the Toll Bridge. Read More

Flushing Fire Hydrants

Beginning the second week of April, the Grosse Ile Department of Public Services will begin their Annual Water Main Flushing and Fire Hydrant Inspection program.  The program will continue until completed (approximately eight weeks).

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Learn about Election Security

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